Friday, May 14, 2010

Insert profound title here

Yesterday was an awesome day. If I had to give the day a theme it would be friendship and I would have had some quote here about friends and their importance.

I've always known that I am an extrovert and really thrive with friends and family around, though like most people, I also need some solo time every once in a while. The challenge with my current state of no class and no work is having a little too much solo time, which fellow extroverts will know isn't the best thing.

There are so many analogies and metaphors for friendships out there. I like the ones that use water (Hi, Pisces) or energy flows (Hi, Hippy). One that would feel right for yesterday would have something to do with gathering different threads of amazing colour for weaving an elaborate tapestry. There are the threads that represent my friends from school, strong bright and unique colours that support other parts of the design and truly keep me going. There is my fiancee's thread, strong and true, a deep colour, that runs through the entire design. There are the threads of my group of friends whose presence in the design is constant, whose colours compliment my own and at times feel like an extension of my family's design within the weaving. And then there are the friends whose threads are always present in the design, but not always seen. These threads are rare and are usually gold or silver in colour. Sometimes they get buried under other threads in the design and are not visible for a while, but they are fundamentally important to the whole design. Sometimes the pattern will shift and their thread reappears on the surface, like yesterday, and it's amazing to realize how beautiful they still are and be reminded that they are, of course, always there.

So when I have days like yesterday, that involve all of these different types of friends, my extrovert battery feels fully recharged, my soul humbled a little, and then I feel like I can just keep swimming...or in this case, weaving:)

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