Monday, May 24, 2010

So far...

... Kinda so good? Saturday I started my experiment of 'Ariel without caffeine and refined sugar'. And well... 2 out of 3 is the name of the game. I spent Saturday in Rockport, MA with some friends. Somehow, unknowingly, we managed to time our trip with a town festival- Motif No. 1 Day. Amazingly, the added vendors of everything sweet yummy throughout the town, did not impact my willpower (I did, however, partake in some local clam chowder- holy delicious, Batman). Granted, at one point during the day, I did get a pretty fierce headache. Not sure if it was from coffee withdrawal or slight dehydration, but I did rehydrate and take some Aleve, which helped.

Sunday was not as glorious in the willpower department. I came head to head with the social factor of desserts. James and I had lunch with some friends followed by a trip to a local ice creamery. I was seriously considering not having anything, but was aware of then being the only one without a delicious and cool treat. So, I decided to to compromise and get frozen yogurt. Later that day, we had a family dinner at our house, and there was dessert at the end of the meal. I again was aware of trying to be the only one that wasn't going to have anything. It didn't work. Clearly, I need to shake this. One thought is to have something else in my hands, like a cup of tea. I also have to remember that I while I am in a sense giving something up, I am also gaining something. If I keep it in the mindset of what I am missing out on, it is almost unbearable. But when I think back to Saturday, excluding the headache, I actually felt really good.

Which brings us to Monday. While the day is not yet complete, I have now gone three days without my morning coffee, and only had the headache on day 1. And so far today, I haven't had any of the sugary stuff. I feel pretty good.

So we'll see how this goes:)

Happy Monday!


  1. Dude, give up the caffeine but do not demonize the sugar. Nuh uh. Dessert once a day a happier person makes. Yup, that's a real proverb.

    Thus spoke the sarahpastry.

  2. Not trying to demonize sugar- I just think having less of it these days will help with my whole overall health know, that whole moderation thang:) Besides, you and I have extremely different metabolisms, you lucky wench, so our bodies handle it differently as well.

  3. Totally understand. A huge fan of moderation, myself. I'm actually having an interesting sugar experience right now: We eat tons of sweets at the end of pastry class, usually 10pm, when we taste everything we've made that night. At first, I thought that it would totally satisfy my sweet tooth, but it turns out that eating more sugar just makes you crave it even more. Maybe you already figured this out, smarty pants :) So I've also been trying to avoid it between classes. Or at least before dinner. VERY hard.