Saturday, June 19, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

Because you just might get it.

The aforementioned interview via networking opportunity I had about a week and a half ago has resulted in me being offered a per diem nursing job. Exact location and population of said nursing job TBD as I have been hired as a floater nurse at a major hospital, but I have a job as a nurse. After looking for so long, the reality of an upcoming fairly regular paycheck and opportunity to learn and engage again took its time sinking in. It wasn't until I got my security badge yesterday at the hospital's security office when it really hit me. As I stood there holding a badge with my smiley face looking back at me and next to it was my name with RN after it, I realized that it was legit.

The other reality check was all the paperwork I had to fill out and the fact that I have to start training next week. My summer of sloth is officially over. While I am psyched to have structure again, I think I am going to miss the flexibility of going to the gym whenever I wanted and reading a book all day. However, just like when school is in full session, the scheduled life will just make me appreciate and savor the free time that much more.

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