Thursday, August 5, 2010

2 awesome things...

From very different ends of the internets spectrum.

A friend sent me this little beauty the other day. Pretty sure I have found the bra that I am going to wear to my wedding...though they say it's probably not the best thing to wear under a white dress...

I saw this amazing video on another friend's post, and knew it had to be shared. Learning to be alone, and having it not be a scary/depressing experience, is important. It can be an amazing time to learn and feel who you are. I love how the process is portrayed here. My favourite lines- "resist the urge to hang out with your cellphone" and "If your heart is bleeding, make the best of it".

The point of posting these together? Apart from being lazy and not wanting to write two different posts, I did it is a reminder that as silly and goofy as we can be sometimes, we can also be profoundly intuitive and creative. Though, I can't say I would recommend combining the wine rack with being alone... that might just be asking for trouble.

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