Saturday, December 18, 2010

Small pleasures

There are a few things I am really looking forward to doing when I go on break in about 3 days. One of them is getting a Sunday newspaper and reading it in my own special sequence, saving the comics for last, while slowly eating breakfast. I love love love Sunday mornings where there is no schedule/homework/etc and I have the freedom to do this and holy monkey it has been a while since I have had the time.

Another is window shopping. I look forward to just being able to wander aimlessly in and out of stores at my own pace. This will most likely take place during long walks everywhere and anywhere:)

Also, I will spend lots of time just listening to music. I am working on a couple mix CDs for various folks and just want to bask in some sweet tunes for a while. This highly enjoyable activity is made even more so by the TOTALLY ROCKIN', FULLY AWESOME, PURPLE headphones James just got me.

Aw yeah. Can't wait.

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