Monday, July 18, 2011


In the midst of studying, I've also been job hunting. In the two last weeks or so, there has been more of the studying and less of the hunting. Studying for the certification exam is pretty humbling and at times down right sucky. I keep coming up against the feeling that I don't know that much. This study process is ongoing ego bruising and utterly exhausting.

Last Friday I got a call from a primary care office inviting me for an NP interview. As soon as I confirmed my interview appointment for today, my anxiety level shot up. Now I had job interview anxiety on top of my studying nerves. Not a good combo.

The interview started with the HR woman who went over the basics of the position. Then the physician (and owner of the practice) came in to talk with me. He was very polite and direct and after some generic interview questions, he started grilling me.

He presented multiple patient scenarios and asked for my differential diagnoses. He asked what my plan of action would be if certain situations presented in the office. While he was polite during all of this, he was also very fast. I would say that I would do a certain test, he shot back with the result and then asked, 'What would you do with that information? What's your next step?"

I kept up with him the whole time. I didn't freak out. I didn't feel overwhelmed, just on my toes, aware. I shot back with my differentials and different management options. And if I hit something that I didn't know/couldn't remember, I said as much. Somewhere in the back of my brain, as this was all going down I realized- "Hey, what do you know... I DO know stuff!!"

He gave me very positive feedback, stating that I answered very well and said that he asked questions that way to determine if my clinical philosophy was similar or not to his. Apparently our philosophies are very similar.

The interview ended on a positive note. I am one of many individuals they are interviewing, and am still in the running.

I left the interview almost not caring about whether or not it manifests into a job. I was so damn happy (and proud) that I had been able to hold my own and reflect my level of knowledge as well as I did.

That moment of affirmation was an amazingly well-timed gift, my mid study hell ego boost.

Here's hoping something similar will happen come test day:)

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  1. Awesome! Really--you will kill that test, I promise.