Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The universe works in strange ways sometimes...especially when messing with your ego and emotions.

I was offered, and accepted, an NP position today. It is exactly the right position for me, especially as a newbie NP. With one phone call today, a big part of the next chapter of my life clicked into place.

To say I am excited about this (to the point of dancing around my house earlier today) would be understatement. The position is with a group of individuals that I know I am going to learn a lot from, and be inspired by, on a daily basis.

Yes, I still have to pass my cert exam, and they know that. It was clear through the many interviews that they saw (and liked) me and vice versa, and that my value as a potential member of their team was not determined by an exam.

And because life is just like this sometimes, James and I are almost definitely going to go on our honeymoon before I start working. We'll see, we have some details to iron out, but it is looking very promising.

Onward! With dancing... always:)

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