Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where it's at


I feel like the last two weeks have been a whirlwind of life... of the awesome variety, to be sure, but still busy.

James and I did end up going on our honeymoon. We went to Montreal for a few days. A short and sweet trip. It was a pretty fantastic and chilled out adventure. It took me about a full day to completely relax but once I go there... It became clear that getting away for few days was just what we needed.

We got home a couple days ago and had a buffer day yesterday. Those are probably just as important as vacations. Having a day between travel and reality for sleeping in, laundry and just grooving the chill vibe a little longer can really help the return to the busy.

And busy it was. I had my first day of training today at my new job. James came home tonight and asked me how it was. The only description I could think of was- "Appropriately overwhelming"

There were certain topics reviewed that I was totally 'got', and the rest was new and exciting. This is a good thing! A big exciting, new, intimidating thing. It means I am going to learn SO MUCH and not be idle. Awesome. But man was it jarring to have a full day of things to do after a few months off.

I may need a nap. Or three.

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