Wednesday, April 18, 2012

'Net free living: one month in

It’s been a little over a month now since we turned off our internet services at home. I genuinely thought the transition would be harder, weirder. But it’s been easy and awesome. Having continued access at work has certainly helped, as does having a smartphone. But I’m finding I don’t miss it at home. With the exception of one night where J’s phone crashed and he needed to get to the library before they closed for internet service to get online to update his phone, it’s been relatively smooth sailing. Our evenings and weekends have evolved and we are reading more, doing more projects together (Baking! Painting chairs!), listening to music, talking to friends and family, getting outside more and so on.

We both thought there would be more transition in this transition, but at the risk of sounding really bland, it’s been really nice ‘n’ pleasant. I don’t feel that I am massively disconnected because I still have my phone. I can still post witty (sometimes just witty to me) comments on fbook, check email or look something up online if needed. It’s more that I feel I am less distracted by random stuff online. I feel more focused when working on things these days.

Ironically, the lull in posts that correlates with the timing of internet free home is not actually related to it at all. I’ve been focusing more on studying for yet another accreditation exam; this one is for Women’s Health. Then I’ll be done. For how long I don’t know but in the just couple of months of studying again I am reminded that I am not ready for more school. Yet.

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