Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Starting on the right foot


So I thought I'd start this blog on the right foot with an epic fail moment. I find such things are fun to share sometimes, it certainly helps me keep things in perspective, in a deliciously humbling sort of way. As I am sure to go into more of this as the adventure continues, I should start by saying that I am a recently licensed registered nurse looking for a job. I had what I thought was a promising interview last week that did not work out. So I am revisiting connections, networking and looking up jobs on hospital websites. I found one post earlier today at Lawrence Memorial Hospital that I was particularly excited about. It was an RN job in the L&D (Labor and Delivery) dept. In my reinvigorated enthusiasm, I patiently filled out every field and submitted my resume. I clicked 'submit' and was shown a 'thank you' page and realized that I had in fact applied to a job at Lawrence Memorial Hospital...in Kansas. I live in MA. Yeah... lesson of the day- never...no, always triple check where you are applying as hospital names are not state specific:)

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