Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ready, Set...

As my summer break winds down, I have to reluctantly admit that it is time to start thinking about the upcoming semester. Having FINALLY reached a place of guilt free relaxation, I am a little bit sad...OK, a lot a bit sad that it is coming to an end. This semester will have 2 days of class (one full day of all things vajayjay, I mean, Women's Health classes and one day of Primary Care classes), 2 days of clinical (same topic breakdown as classes) and 2 days of work as a per diem RN.

I started to fill out my calendar and took in, for the first time, the 6 day school week I am about to embark on. Along with a wedding thrown in the mix. It was then that I pretended that the heart palpitations I was experiencing were more from excitement than anxiety. I am, actually, really pumped and am looking forward to geeking out on a regular basis again. My inner nerd has been deprived this summer.

The trick with this blog, I realized while looking at all of my upcoming amazing obligations, will be if/when to share said geek out moments. I am acutely aware of patient confidentiality and because of that will not mention where I am doing my clinicals or where my job will be. This will be an interesting challenge. On the one hand- I love sharing interesting cases, especially with my nursing student peers. On the other hand- the world grows smaller with every technological advancement, and even if I didn't have my professional/moral commitment to the people I help, the chance of virtual paths crossing unintentionally is just too great.

I am not sure yet how this will manifest in my blogging. I might just talk about medical conditions that I find interesting, free of a patient experience. My classes will, after all, present me with many fabulous medical facts to satisfy my nerdy needs, and I would feel OK talking about them that way. Or, I may not mention that much from my nurse life.

We'll see how it goes. But in the meantime, I best get back to locating important school things, like my pen case and flashcards.

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