Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My current favorites

When it comes to knowing if I will like a song, more often than not, I usually know within the first 5-6 seconds if the song will grab me. If I don't know by then, sometimes the lyrics will grab me later. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap did both. The first time I heard the song, the opening notes caught me and held me. Then the singing and back beat started, and I was hooked. This song makes me want to run, dance and laugh down the streets. I find it very empowering. It has become my centering and pump up song.

If you experience songs visually (meaning, they evoke imagery from the sounds. This is how it is for me most of the time, along with the emotional components), I would suggest you listen to the song first without watching the video linked above, and let your mind wander. The video is stunning, but very different than how I 'see' the song. The beginning of the song reminds me of a sunrise, and the singer's voice is the light, rays of light slowly making there way through trees, windows, dust, till everything is bathed in light.

My other most played song lately is Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magentic Zeros. This song makes me cry from happiness (Yep. Super Sap. Right here. Hi.) It makes me want to sing it to James because it is how I feel about him and our relationship. You hear this song and you just want to be a part of their shindig, dancing around and just loving the world. This one is on the wedding dance mix and I can't wait to dance around to it with so many awesome people that I love... and yes, I will most likely be crying and dancing at the same time. Hot mess dancing, here I come:)

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