Monday, September 13, 2010

School trimesters

I had a 'one more chill out moment before the madness begins again' brunch with some school friends over the weekend. We sat around, eating good food and catching up on our extremely diverse summers. Then came the inevitable pre semester talk. As we start our last year of school, it was jarring (and helpful) to realize how fast the first two years went. It was also incredible to fathom that we have just one year left. One of my friends pointed out that it isn't really year, more like 8 monthes. But if you really stop and think about it- each semester is 14 weeks long... almost like a trimester of pregnancy. This was an amusing revelation. So we have two trimesters of school left. Then we will all give birth to bouncing newbie nurse practitioners.

Today was my first day of classes. It was quite a full day. Eight hours (thankfully, not in a row) of class will do wonders to both your butt and brain (both feel softer after such an endeavor). At one point, I was in the elevator with some friends, and a first year student asked if we were third years. When we replied yes, she did a little bow down, in a sort of 'I'm not worthy' way. In her eyes I saw the familiar deer in headlights panic glint that I am pretty sure I sported most of my first year. We assured her that it was doable.

It definitely is. It is also slightly masochistic. So it is a doable, masochistic multiple trimester adventure that I love...but I will also be glad when it is over. Life without homework= fully awesome.

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