Sunday, February 6, 2011

Holy Procrastination, Batman!

I am procrastinating like whoa right now. My homework for tomorrow is done, but I have a quiz and a case presentation coming up in about a week and I simply cannot motivate.

It's amazing what ridiculousness you can get into when you are not doing what you should be. Last night, I got lost on youtube for a long, long, long time just watching 'FRIENDS' clips. Not episodes, mind you, just clips.

I know, I know- that's really bad.

Today I was going through the bazillion photos I have on my computer and found some real gems from the last 2.5 yrs of school.

I call this series, This is your REL on school. Most of these were taken in and around similar moods like the one I am in now where I just don't wanna. Except for the last one which was taken the day I found out I passed my NCLEX and I had a drink or three to celebrate:)

1 comment:

  1. Four words, baby:
    No More Care Plans.
    Really, compare this year to last year, and we are skating. :)