Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice day induced productivity/creative storage question

Shockingly, I had ANOTHER snow day today. After putzing for a while, a little bit of cabin fever started to tickle the edges of my mind. So I decided to actually use my free time productively and clean my work/study area a bit.


As I started cleaning, I found my wedding notebook... clearly it had been a while since my last clean:)

A note on the beer bottles. Lest you think nursing school has turned me into an alcoholic (not that there is anything wrong with that...), one of our wedding presents was a six pack of delicious home brewed beer. The labels were funky pics of James and me. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away. Today I decided to compromise and keep one and recycle the rest. Also, the friend who gave these to us framed a pic of the label she made, so we have a bottle free copy. Smart lady!


I cleaned up enough that I was able to put some frequently used textbooks up on the bench. I also cleared off my bulletin board. I use my board for inspirational/calming pics, hilarious quotes from the people in my life and such. Every once in while I clear it off for more fun stuff.

While I was left with much cleaner work area, I was also left scratching my head about storage ideas for business cards and correspondence materials. Regarding the business cards- yes, we are mostly an electronic age when it comes to networking, but I still like holding onto business cards. Not sure how to store them- Any suggestions?

Also, I still like to write letters/thank you notes/postcards. For the longest time I was keeping all the related materials in a hanging file, but it's lumpy. Any suggestions about storing stationary of various sizes?

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