Thursday, February 17, 2011

To the beat of the drum

Yesterday was a long day. I had clinical 8-5, during which I saw 25 (!!!) patients with my preceptor. I don't know about you other nursing student folk, but that was a little too much for me in one day. I can barely remember half of them.

Then last night I saw Morcheeba in concert with my cousin Yaya. So yes, a long day, but also an awesome day.

The opening act was a group from Austin called Lance Herbstrong. I don't usually track opening acts, but this one was GREAT. They were so into what they were doing and you couldn't help but get into it.

As I've posted before, Skye is back with Morcheeba... and last night was just...

I really hope that you have that one (or maybe two or three) band that just rocks your soul, that centers you and reminds you that sometimes dancing around is the best thing to do. That is what this groups does for me, and their live shows never disappoint.

They started the concert with the song 'The Sea', one of my most beloved. And it was clear that it was a fave of a lot of people there too... as we all sang along. I felt like I was in a house of worship and we were praising music, feeling good, dancing and just being. It was awesome.

(And no, I wasn't high on anything besides the vibe).

We started up in front, just a few feet from the stage. But there was no room to move. Also, almost EVERYONE upfront had their phones out and were filming. This bugged me a lot. I couldn't help but wonder if actually being present for the amazingness would trump the grainy replay later. Also, phones blocking my view just ain't cool.

So we moved further back and found a spot with other die hards (who, like me, were singing along with all the old stuff) and danced and had a great time. I was aware at the time that my feet hurt and that I was insanely tired, but I was having such a damn good time, it didn't matter.

Today I was in recovery mode for most of the day. My 31 year old (and out of shape) body was hurting this AM and could barely function on the 5 hrs of sleep I got last night post concert. James said that I actually looked like a zombie this morning. I believe it.

It was one of the first times that I felt the transition into 'being older'. 10 yrs ago, I could (and did) dance and jump around at a similar concert or club until 7 in the morning. Though, to be fair, back then I wasn't seeing patients all day before staying up all night.

Morcheeba- tough on the bones, light on the soul. Thanks for an amazing concert.

Next time, I'll take a nap beforehand.


  1. I'm so glad you got to get out and do do something fun! My derm clinical right now sees a minimum of 30/day, and he's booked for 40/day (that's just 25% no-shows.) Elogs take FOREVER, and because he's so tightly scheduled, there's no chance to see people on my own. Funny that my last placement is 100% shadowing.

  2. I am also mostly shadowing because of the volume, and the elogs take SO LONG (I've been avoiding them for this week- need to do them today). I really appreciate hearing that you are in a similar situation- I was feeling really isolated on this. And yes shadowing at this point in school just feels weird.