Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sing along

One of the things I enjoy about riding the T is watching people react to the music on their...well, on whichever of the many devices that play music these days.

Anyway, they have their headphones on, and are immersed in whatever they are listening to. Some folks just tap a hand or foot along to the beat. Others have a little more rhythmic full body movement going on. There's this one guy I see frequently on the red line who is all but dancing to his music. He's clearly having a great time and not interfering with anyone else, he's just doing his thing. It's awesome.

The other day on the way into work, I was listening to random shuffle and the song 'In a little while' by U2 came on. I hadn't heard a little while... oh I crack myself up. It's a great song, and one that I love singing along to.

I turned the volume up (not obnoxiously high which, by the by, is one of my least favorite things about riding the T. If I am listening to my music and can hear YOUR music over MY music- your volume is too high and kind of not great for your ears. But I digress...) and let the song wash over me.

There is a part of the song (right after the minute mark on the above link) where Bono just vocalizes a melody. I'm not sure what it is about that part, but I love it so. I love it so much that I forgot where I was and did what I usually do- sing along. After listening to the song, you can appreciate what that must have sounded like to the folks around me on the T. The 8AM on a weekday crowd. So, not an empty car.

Yes, I imagine that I sounded like I was howling melodically. A musical, off key coyote.

I realized pretty quickly where I was, chuckled, and listened to the rest of the song a little more quietly.

So, if you were on the T that morning, I hope you enjoyed me enjoying my music.

I certainly did.

Maybe next time you can howl... I mean, sing with me.

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