Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happiness in balanced form

While I've been thinking about the different things I've been wanting to write about on here, I haven't actually done so in few weeks. The turning point of the exam was profound and intoxicating. I've been gleefully enjoying my new appreciation of free time. I've been working at a job that is quite a blend of challenging, fun and familiar. I've also been helping James through some stuff with his family. So, yes a lot of life.

But unlike school time, I have the time now around all the busy to breathe deeply and decompress.

And my god is it wonderful. A friend (and fellow nursing school survivor) described this time of balance as 'deeply good'. She couldn't be more right.

Add to this that I have started going to the gym again and I am already feeling more at peace and more balanced.

James and I just hosted our first Thanksgiving. To compensate for the smallness of our kitchen work space, we did it potluck style. James did the turkey and many other delicious dishes were brought in. It was a scrumptious meal with a great group of family and friends, a very relaxed and enjoyable event. I posed a question on my whiteboard (delightfully free of school to do lists)-

The lines next to some of the responses are tallies of agreement.

I am thankful for all of those things too. But I am most thankful for the space in my life right now to breathe deeply and just be. Sure, there is a lot going on, as there always will be. But the change in pace has allowed me to look around and realize just how good things are right now and how happy I am.

The morning of Thanksgiving, I went for a walk. Here are some shots from my stroll.

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