Sunday, October 16, 2011


It's a beautiful Sunday morning. It's sunny and cool enough to feel like Fall but warm enough to spend the day outside comfortably. I am sitting here typing this and the sun is lighting up the whole room.

Or maybe it's the huge grin on my face.

You see, I took my certification exam again yesterday and passed.

I am so happy... and relieved. And happy.

It was a pretty unpleasant experience, that test. But I managed to work at a functional level of anxiety (unlike last time) and pass.

When I sat down at my assigned seat, I started writing down random values and mnemonics on my assigned paper with my assigned pen. As I took the cap off said pen, it leaked black ink all over my hand. I sat there staring at my black hand and realized that it was going to be OK. I knew this partly because I was totally not worried or upset by having ink all over the place. Also, I didn't feel the universe would be that mean- ink on hand AND not passing.

That said, I did almost run out of time, forgot to take a break and left the test center pretty damn exhausted. So- not an easier time this time around but much more successful.

James and I celebrated with family last night. It was a relaxed fun evening. We got home and I gleefully checked off 'certification exam' from what is left of my NP school list.

Next item on the list? The rest of my life:)

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