Thursday, June 21, 2012

Biking update

Happy second day of summer! Boston is experiencing a bit of ridiculous heat wave at the moment which I'm hoping won't last that much longer.

Training is going well- slowly but surely. While I know how to bike I've never considered myself cyclist- I look forward to that changing as I get further in my training. I've been using the minuteman bike path mostly for my shorter rides (early in the morning before the masses descend) and will start doing longer rides around Arlington.

Things I've learned from my riding so far-
- Biking shorts for men and women are not created equal.
- Like most, if not all, skills- confidence comes from repetition and experience.
- Seeing a family bunnies on the side of the bike path makes for a great reward for getting out early in the AM.
- Fig Newtons are a delicious mid ride snack.
- Bugs flying in your mouth are unpleasant.
- Recumbent bikes are REALLY comfortable.

So comfy, in fact, that I am considering doing the ride on one. James has been a long time advocate (and user) of them and I was uninterested. They looked weird, felt weird (at first) and just didn't make sense to me. But then I got on one and started riding and, well, I just might be a convert. We'll see though, the jury is still out. I'm intrigued, yes, but I am more familiar with upright bikes.


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