Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Movie Moment- Troll Hunter (2010)

This movie, shot like a raw documentary in process, follows three college students as they try to film an interview with a mysterious hunter that may or may not be killing bears (which is a carefully controlled activity by the government) in Norway. As they persistently follow this solitary figure with his strange collection of hunting paraphernalia (who needs huge UV lights and jagged metal spikes on their trucks??), they come to find out that his role in the bear killings, and in Norway, is far more significant. The man, Hans, is a troll hunter. Norway has many a troll and they are not acting in normal troll fashion. Something is amiss.

The film pulls you right in and while the hand held camera shots (our access to this story is through the student camera man) can be jarring at times, the story and related mystery are highly inviting. The trolls themselves are quite organically filmed (amazing visual effects) and fit perfectly into the harsh and stunning landscapes of rural Norway. It really seemed like they were supposed to be there. And as we learn more about them, their mythology fits just as well.

The intro and ending of the film present it as something that may have really happened and it was just magical and mysterious enough that I wish it had been. 8/10.

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