Friday, October 5, 2012

20 weeks down, 20 to go

Having reached the mid point of this pregnancy, I find myself slightly incredulous to already be here.

I feel like the first half went fairly fast. Granted, the food misadventures of the first 12 weeks made the days really drag at times. But overall, my discomforts thus far have been mild and par for the course. I call the bathroom at work my other office because I am in there so frequently. I am now deeply in love with maternity yoga pants. On the weekends, naps are my salvation.

And then there's this little growing being, making his/her's existence known more prominently as the weeks go by. I've been feeling mostly wiggles and flutters from my belly resident. Then, yesterday, I was in a meeting and felt my first big KICK. It startled me in the best way. I jumped and smiled. It was a very grounding moment and I felt so peaceful.

I hope very much that the second half of this pregnancy is as chill as the first half. And I hope to continue to have many little kicks and nudges of reassurance from within. And, of course, I hope for many many naps.

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