Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sparkly toes

My toe nails are freshly painted. They are silvery, sparkly and fabulous. And I feel like a million bucks with my sparkly toes.

This is significant for two reasons. 

One, I was able to reach my toes for the first time in MONTHS(!!!!!). And two- I had the time and space to paint them today, a rarity.

You see, I am a new mom. 

I am a little embarrassed (but not surprised) that it has taken me almost two months since the birth of our son to share this news on here. And it was hilarious just now reading the last post as I started maternity leave as I sit here with a mere 3 weeks of leave left. I was so done being pregnant and now it's almost a faded memory as the last 8 weeks fill my brain with new vibrant experiences and memories.

We have a great little son, named Gabriel. He has a head full of hair, a very mellow (so far) disposition, and we are utterly and completely smitten with him. We'll be keeping his online profile fairly low for a while, and I will use this blog for my experience as a parent, not his as a baby.

His birth and the first few weeks were quite tumultuous, and I aspire to do them justice in their own post soon.

I hope to be on here more as we figure more out and evolve as parents, but with my return to work quickly approaching and there being more to figure out and less time to do it in, we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, know that I am tired, learning, humbled, grateful, hopeful, occasionally overwhelmed and very very happy.

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