Sunday, June 8, 2014

My first (embrassingly short but very important) training ride!


As I shared in my previous post, I am doing the harbor to the bay ride this September. I've decided that I am going to do said ride on my recumbent bike. The last time I was on my recumbent was 2 years ago... come to think of it, that was the last time I was on ANY bike. Yikes. Back then I had not done a lot of riding on the recumbent so even then it was novel. Now it seems like I am learning to ride again for the first time.

So, I took my bike out today and got reacquainted. It felt so different than an upright! I found myself getting really thrown by the lower center of gravity, not to mention the utterly alien (yet very comfortable) reclining position. But then I took a deep breath and pushed off and... It. Felt. Awesome. I went for while and then stopped (still working on doing that gracefully) and was amazed at how comfortable I felt riding. No pressure on my arms/hands, lower back felt good.

I started to head back and lost my balance. I gloriously wiped out and landed mainly on my left palm and lower leg.
I got up, and rode off into the (not at all setting, freakishly hot) sun with a stinging scraped palm and leg and a huge grin.

Falls are always scariest before they happen, in abstract, wondering if they will happen. I am glad I already got one under my belt, and am sure there will be others as I get more used to this awesome new way of biking.

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