Friday, May 16, 2014

Where has the time gone? I blame the child.

Almost a year sans posts.
Truth be told, the lack of time I've given this blog directly correlates with the lack of time I have given myself in the same timeframe.

That's not so great, I know.

On the one hand, it's been pretty busy:
  •  I started a new job. The 3 hour round trip daily commute was killing me, and nursing/pumping on top of that was maddening. In August, I started working at a university health center a mere 1 mile walk from home. Hello greatly improved quality of life! And I love my job, so, wins all round.
  • We moved. We are still in Arlington but are now in a two bedroom apartment. Smaller in some ways, but a far more productive and better place for our family. Oh, and the sleep! Holy sleep, Batman. Sweet sweet sleep. Apparently, Gabe and I really did need to be in different rooms because we are both now sleeping through the night. It. Is. Marvelous.
  • The little dude. Oh, the dude. Gabriel turned one in February and has not stopped moving since. He is an engaged, chatty, opinionated, mischievous (in the best way), hilarious loving toddler. Did I mention he's walking? Our lives will never be the same.
On the other hand, I have felt a little lost in the hustle. Multiple people told me that after the first year, you (the parent) start feeling like yourself again . I agree. It felt like I was resurfacing. And I started looking at my physical and emotional self and realized how far on the back burner I had prioritized my own needs.

So, as I regroup and move forward, hopefully this blog will too.

In the spirit of reclaiming myself, I am particularly excited to share that I will be doing the Harbor to the Bay ride this September. This ride made it onto my list of goals for the year, so I am really excited that it is going to happen!

Looking forward to sharing my training (mis)adventures on here. Hopefully, what with not being prego this time, they will have less stories with vomiting...

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