Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The greatest force on earth

You know those mornings. The ones that it takes all you have to pull/drag/bribe yourself out of bed.


That's me most mornings. Especially the ones that... nope, actually, it's all mornings.

Once I get up, I do my best to avoid eye contact with the bed because it's true what they say- the eyes are the windows to the soul. And if I look at my bed for too long once I have gotten up, I started getting pulled in again. The bed knows what my soul wants.


This struggle is made all the more challenging when there is a warm bod still in THE BED. This will enhance the bed's magnetic pull significantly.

Such was the case this morning. It was still a little dark out. I had a teeny tiny window of extra time before I HAD TO get ready. The bed, like a siren at sea, was calling me back. I made the mistake of looking over. There was James, all curled up in warm blankets still snoozing away.

I had no chance.

25 minutes later I was scrambling, made late by the magnetic bed.

But man, that was some great cuddling.


  1. Do you remember decorating your locker in highschool? I remember my friends putting up pictures of themselves, their friends, movie stars, whatever. In my locker, I had a picture of my bed, perfectly made. It was heaven on earth to me.

  2. Joy, that is fantastic! When asked what inanimate object I would want to be (you know, if there was a magic situation that required that I change into one for eternity) I usually say a bed. Good things happen in beds.