Monday, November 19, 2012

A funny prego perk

There are many examples in my life right now of the challenging hormonal changes that pregnancy brings.

I lose words at a frightening pace. It's almost like pregnancy can bring its own version of dementia. I've started giving a disclaimer when I do presentations just so they don't think I am drunk or drugged when I space out on a word like 'face' or 'elevator'.

My filter around language is gone for the words I do remember. My swearing has become far more loose and colorful than ever before and the things that piss me off are EVERYWHERE (like people being utterly asinine on their bikes, or loud music listeners on the train/bus. I could go on, but I don't think I should...) . I am pretty sure this is James' favorite pregnancy change thus far- I go off on people (behind the closed truck window...most of the time) with such flourish, articulation and passion, he almost looks impressed. For this reason, I've not been to the movies lately. I almost ripped off someone's head when we saw Dark Knight Rises when they pulled their phone out and the screen glow distracted me. This is why I haven't done any movie reviews lately.

Clearly, my already sensitive nature is more so these days.

But I realized today that this heightened sensitivity has a plus side. Things that positively move me are more amazing in my eyes. Or ears. Music that lifts me up makes me tear up from its acoustic beauty.

Take this instrumental piece. I happened upon it after hearing another piece by the same group. But this piece, I just find so so so lovely. It does sound like it should be in a movie. I don't think it has been. At least not yet.

And don't piss of the pregnant lady by texting with both hands while riding your bike. With no helmet. On a busy street.

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