Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back in the house

So, after much discussion, we've reconnected internet at home. After seven (seven!! We were impressed) months without it we realized there were some challenges. Mainly, James runs his own business and he needs to email with clients and send contracts out more easily than it has been without 'net access home.

Also in looking forward to when the kiddo arrives in three (three!! We are incredulous) months (in the middle of winter, mind you) we may need more access at home to fend off cabin fever. We also really like the idea of skyping more with far away family...again, especially when one or both of us is home alone with the kiddo.

We are definitely aware of the reasons for turning it off in the first place, and are going to have work on not going into passive entertainment 'puter time. I have faith, though, the last 7 months have been quite (and quietly) lovely and I'd like to think we've created some solid tech free habits at home.

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